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DID card - Disability Identification Card

National Disabled Identification Card (DID)

The disabled identification card launched in 2015 and is run by disabled people or parents and relatives of disabled people. We are more than just an identification card, we are committed to helping individuals or groups to achieve ordinary things and some extraordinary things in their lives. Not every disability is visible.

About the National DID Card

The National Disabled Identification (DID) Card was introduced in response to disabled people posting comments in a number of social media sites that they were getting tired of constantly having to carry their paperwork proving they were entitled to some form of disability benefit in order to obtain a concessionary rate.

In particular parents of children with disabilities and special needs, whose children's disability is not immediately obvious, such as autistic, global developmental delay and other disabilities find it hard to explain their disability, especially if the children are present who may be unaware that they have a disability.

Disabled individuals often do not want to request or highlight the fact they have a disability when they would be entitled to concessionary rates. There can be stigma attached to requesting disabled rates.

What can the DID card do for you?

The aim of the National DID Card is to remove the need for individuals to carry their paper documentation with them at all times. The card will have a photograph of the cardholder and will only be issued to disabled people who are in receipt of some form of disability allowance or medical evidence to support your application.

The card can be used as proof that they are in receipt of an eligible benefit and therefore entitled to gain entry at concessionary rate. Many establishments, theatres, museums, attractions, leisure facilities etc. offer concessionary prices for disabled people and in some cases offer free entry to another person assisting the disabled person.

Please refer to the card's Terms and Conditions and if there are any queries about the card refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.



The card can be applied for by disabled individuals or by a representative or guardian for the disabled person. If you are applying on behalf of the individual then please complete the application as if you were the cardholder, their personal details will be used and not the person applying for the card on their behalf. Only those who are in receipt of qualifying disability benefits can apply for the card:

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

  • Attendance Allowance (AA)

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

  • Blue Badge

  • ESA

  • Medical Evidence Letter

  • Registered as a blind person or partially sighted

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment


The documentary evidence must be up to date and will need to be uploaded as a single document as part of the application process. It must show the cardholders name and address and the expiry or review date of their relevant entitlement. A scan / photo of the first page of the document is all that is required.


The photo should be similar to the passport style and should be in jpeg format and will be uploaded as part of the application process.

Your photograph may be rejected and your application delayed unless it shows your:

  • head and shoulders and not obscured in any way

  • face clearly visible and facing forward

  • glasses worn without reflective glare ( sunglasses are not acceptable, unless worn for medical reasons)

  • head without any head covering, except worn for medical or religious reasons

  • face against a clear background without shadow

  • eye open and without red eye

Photographs of Children

  • The youngster must be photographed on their own

  • Dummies must be removed

  • No toys visible

  • Very young or severely disabled youngsters do not have to have their eyes open but their face must be visible and not obscured in any way.

If there is any difficult in meeting these criteria please feel free to add any relevant comments in the comments box when completing the online application. If applying via the postal method please include an explanation in a covering note.

Details on how to apply can be found here

How much does it cost?

A standard online application will cost: £10 for 1 year or £13 for 2 years.

A postal application with a cheque or postal order (or a partially online application) will cost: £15 for 1 year or £18 for 2 years.

For more FAQ's and more information please visit the DID website

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