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We are a local run voluntary group made up of parents and carers who have family members with Autism.  Our aim is to support each other, exchange knowledge and ideas whilst raising awareness and increase understanding within the community.

No diagnosis is needed to join.

We host weekly informal events such as:

Morning Coffee and Chats

Pub Nights

Family Sessions 

Night Off Sessions for parent/carers

Sibling Sessions - event for all ages

Skills/Training sessions

Our events take place in and around Bicester, as we believe in supporting local businesses.

Bicester Autism has two Facebook accounts. Our first is an open page (Bicester Autism/ADHD) that provides information to non-members and the general community about events in our area and articles of interest. Our second group (Bicester Autism/ADHD Chat) is a closed chat group for members only. It’s a space to make sure you are never alone for all the ups and downs of having a child/ren with autism. Where all questions are sensible.

To be kept up to date on all our events, how to book and be part of our closed Facebook group, please fill in our joining form by clicking on the button below. Membership is free.

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